• Earnings
  • Community Wallet
  • Rewards Plan
  • FriendlyMonsters Club
  • Periodic rewarded activities
  • E-Commerce – Passive incomes from sales
  • FriendlyMonsters Ecosystem

1. Earnings

Sale earnings

75% to the Community wallet, where:

  • The 50% is staked and farmed to produce passive incomes.
  • The 25% can be invested in brand expansion projects focused to increase the community benefits.
  • 10% to best investors (see FriendlyMonsters Club)
  • 15% to the team


  • 50% to the Community wallet
  • 50% to the team

2. Community Wallet

What is the community wallet?

The community wallet is the treasure of the community.

What is the community wallet used for?

The principal aim is to stake and farm Egld and Mex with a shared and transparent investment plan. All the earnings produced are periodically distributed among the holders, following the rewards plan. The best investors can take part in decisions about the community wallet through votations in the FriendlyMonsters Club.

3. Rewards Plan

During the first year, the rewards are airdropped every 2 months

How to increase the rewards

  • Adopting more Monsters
  • Obtaining Boosters

What are boosters

  • Boosters are multipliers for the rewards

How to obtain boosters

  • Achieving community goals through tasks focused on FriendlyMonsters community growing and wellness.

4. FriendlyMonsters Club

The FriendlyMonsters Club is an exclusive channel where the best investors can take part in community decisions.
Club members can also get access to periodic reports inherent to the project.

Does a FM-Club member obtain more rewards?

Yes, The 10% of the total earnings are directly divided between the FM-Club members, proportionally to the number of FriendlyMonsters owned.

How to be part of the FriendlyMonsters Club?

Every holder who owns 10 or more NFTs can get access to the Club.

5. Periodic rewarded activities

Be a FriendlyMonsters holder guarantees the participation in periodic rewarded activities in the dedicated discord channels.
An Egld prize is always guaranteed for the winner and a constant participation in games and events enables to improve the possibility to obtain boosters.




6. E-Commerce – Passive incomes from sales

FriendlyMonsters E-commerce is something new in the NFTs world.

The idea aims to gain 3 specific targets.

Branding the art of FriendlyMonsters

FriendlyMonsters design perfectly fits the requirements of street fashion.Every customer can personalize items with FriendlyMonsters, selecting their favorite monster as logo.

Producing benefits to holders

Every NFT is an independent logo. Owners of the chosen NFTs gain royalties on every purchase representing their Monsters.

Raising awareness about the NFT innovation

The service is open to everyone. The power of the idea consists in educating people about the utilities of NFTs and bringing them closer to Elrond NFTs world.

7. FriendlyMonsters Ecosystem

The FriendlyMonsters Ecosystem is the goal of the project. It aims to connect the real world and the digital world through valid and innovative projects, one supporting the others, to reach the common goal:

  • Raise the intrinsic value of the collection and give the owners a new experience of owning NFTs.
  • As a result, the FriendlyMonsters Ecosystem will provide to every holder the access to an all round series of services and advantages in the real and digital world.

Why should you buy a FriendlyMonsters?